WCA Participates in the first EVER national social media movement for chiropractic!

We are thrilled to offer Wyoming's chiropractors access to FREE, professionally designed, content to share on social media.  HealthyUSA2020 is the first ever national social media movement for chiropractic.  You can sign up for a FREE account and be sharing great content with your patients on your practice Facebook page immediately.  Spend a few minutes a week scheduling posts to automatically appear periodically on your Facebook page.

There are two parts that make this campaign unique. First, the social media content created for this campaign is specifically designed for today’s most popular social networks such as Facebook and focuses on a consumer oriented message of healthy living or what we think of as the chiropractic lifestyle.

Second, the campaign is powered by AmpLIFEied which allows for every state association and chiropractors in every state to have easy access to a comprehensive social media library with one-click sharing to multiple social networks at once. This concept, content and technology are all first of their kinds.

The campaign launches nationally on 1/6/16 through 12/31/2020 thanks to the leadership, vision and sponsorship of Standard Process. 

Check out http://sharehealthyusa2020.com to find out more.