WY Medicaid covers chiropractic services!

Tomorrow is July 1, and Medicaid coverage for chiropractic services goes into effect.  We just this week got word of what will be covered - adjustments and examinations only right now.  We are working to change this to coverage of all services we provide. The intent of the legislation was to cover all services we provide.

But as of tomorrow, examinations (99201 and 99211 series of codes) and adjustments (98940, 98941, 98942) are covered.  It will be a back-bill situation for right now because we don't have info on how to sign up and how to bill them yet.  Reimbursement will be delayed 2-3 months for right now.  

Coverage details:

Each Medicaid patient gets 12 exams per year - this is total, so including all exams done by a MD or a DC.

Each person gets 20 chiropractic adjustments per year.

There is no co-pay for chiropractic visits - $0.

Exam codes will be paid at the same rate as other providers.

 We will keep you updated as we are.

-Sarah Radabaugh, D.C.