Our bill to add chiropractic services to Medicaid, SF 90, passed the third reading of the House on March 3.  The bill only needs the governor's signature now.   

I can't tell you how excited I am about this - we've been working on it tirelessly for over 9 months.  Huge thanks to Melanie Kunz, our lobbyist, Dr. Darnell Simpson, our legislative chair, and Dr. Mike Quinn, who spent several entire days at the Capitol.  Huge thanks to those of you who donated to our legislative fund to make this happen.  Huge thanks to all of you who talked to your legislators.  Our grassroots effort made a big difference.  We have some big supporters in the Senate and House.

This may seem like a small step to some, but I know this is a huge step for people on Medicaid in our great state.  We will be able to help a huge number of people who couldn't afford our care last year.  I have patients who will be ecstatic to hear this tomorrow and I'm sure you do too.

The bill goes into effect in July, and we have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure it's done properly and Medicaid patients get good chiropractic coverage.  We will have training available as soon as possible for doctors on how the process works.

This is just one more reason to JOIN or RENEW your WCA membership - our tireless efforts on your patients' behalf.  We have extended the membership deadline to this Friday, March 7 - you have until then to get the $400 price.  Join or renew at wyochiroassociation.com or return the form you received in the mail.

In health,

Sarah Radabaugh,, D.C.